Kosmopolite Paris 2011
Paris, France, jun. 2011

I was invited by my old friends from MAC crew to their famous graffiti jam : Kosmoplite Paris.
It was such a pleasure to paint with my buddies, Ceet, Alex, Brok, Kongo, Proz, Pest, T.Kid, Noe2, Juan, Loomit,
Jazi, meet some news cool guys like Bonga, Binho from Brazil, Ske from Puerto Rico, NSane 5, Kims,
Darbotz from
Jakarta, Juice from Amsterdam and of course hang out with my 2 mentors Yank and 2Pon.
ATN was here to take some pictures, Colorz to tell us about the " Cheese soles trick ", Lazoo the " chef d'orchestre "
We also had an exhibition at Pavillon Carré de Baudouin with some unexpected famous guests....

Thanks to the M.A.C...