All you can eat
Los Angeles, USA, jan. 2013

Nine months after " French invasion " group show, Fabien Castanier decided to set up a solo exhibition for me. I was so happy
to go back to L.A and this time my bro Tober was part of the trip. As usual, the weather was perfect. SEEN invited me to work
at his studio for 2 weeks before moving to Vegas and we had great time with Olivia and him. We went to skate Venice.
My friend Autumn gave us a crazy suite at the Cosmopolitan and Tober made money at the Casino during our short trip
to Vegas. I finally met RISK at my opening. We had Fat Burger and Pink Berry almost everyday. Fabien did an amazing job.
I never saw as much high heels at the L.A Art-show. What else could I expect from the city of Angels...