Dernière vague
Marseille, France, may. 2013

When Guillaume Le Goff asked me to participate to that show at La Friche Belle-de-Mai I couldn't imagine that I will meet
Tommy Guerrero who was one of my heroes. He came to Toulouse in 1989 with the Bones Brigade when I was 16 and totally
into skateboard. When I remind him that he fucked up his ankle on the mini ramp he was surprised to have this memory back
and laugh. We talk about the Rip saw painting I did and of course about the good old days.
That was great to hang out with Remed, Kool Func 88, Soda, Parra and most of all have the chance to share Sébastien Dorel's
madness. He was singing "Tous ensemble" from Johnny Hallyday for breakfast time. This guy is a genius !

Special thanks to: curator Richard Leydier, Guillaume Le Goff, Céline Jarousseau, the Benjamins.