Bubble Girls

VIRGIN Blue...

I did that painting in Manila for the blue shooting I did with Virginie. 
That was so good to shoot her and such a mission to do the piece cause of the heat, 
the mosquitos and the workers who didn't understand why that white guy was doing this...

My VIRGIN BubbleLove, Brooklyn
Virginie is the only girl I always shoot over and over again because she's my
girl friend.When she came to visit me in NYC with her new super sexy outfits
and her beautiful hair, that was easy to get these hot images...

JASMIN, Prince hotel, Brooklyn

I met Jasmin almost 2 years ago. I was at the Duke cafe with my friend Ink when
I saw her. We talked and I was sure that one day she would be a BubbleGirl. She's
such a character and the kind of model you can dream about if you love photography.