Singapore, nov. 2011

This Singapore exhibition with 18 local and french artists at HELUTRANS Artspace in november 2011
curated by WallWorks gallery from Paris, Fortune cookies projects from Singapore and Claire Piton.

I decide to go to Hong Kong before to see my friend Ceet and do some paintings in the streets before going
to a country where you can go to jail and get beat with a stick only for a single tag on a wall. We did a piece
Uncle a local Hong Kong writer and some throw ups.
Then we flew with Kongo and Ceet to Singapore where the rest of the crew joined us, Alex, Lazoo, Fenx,
Colorz and Sonic from New York.
The day after the opening we gat a chance to paint with prisoners in one of the biggest jail of Singapore.
Some of
the guys who were there gat 20 years to stay in that place and to see their eyes when they were painting
on a wall
with people coming from outside,was really intense. That was for sure, my best Singapore experience ...