French Invasion
Los Angeles, USA, may. 2012

" I'm going going, back back to Cali Cali... "
The gallery Fabien Castanier invited me for this french group show along with Speedy Graphito, Jonone, Nasty and Rero.
It was so nice to spendtime in the studio with Speedy and hang out with my friends Jon and his wife Maï. We painted that
Hollywood blvd back yard club surrounded by groups of  high heels girls. Even if I m a NYC lover for sure, I have to admit
that I enjoy LA more and more. I m getting old I guess...! Mambo, West TC5, Sket and Seen came to the opening. I was so
happy to " go over " Jonone  with Seen cause he is (with Cope who is my throwy mentor) my favorite throw up artist ever...  

Photographs: Birdman