Walls And Frames: Fine art from the streets

Edited by Maximilliano Ruiz
Published by Gestalten, Germany.

Walls & Frames is a cutting-edge collection of recent work by 101 known and emerging artists from around the world bound
to the streets in different aspects. These ambitious talents are keeping their connection to the street alive while establishing
themselves in the art market with work in traditional formats such as painting, sculpture, installation, and prints. The book
shows how artists, who work with limited time and a small selection of tools on the street, are developing other styles, concepts,
and techniques in the studio that are, in turn, influencing the direction of contemporary art.

The book presents current work by Alëxone Dizac, Anthony Lister, Blek le Rat, Bom-K, Conor Harrington, D*Face, Dave Kinsey,
Der, Docteur Gecko, Doze Green, Eine, Evol, Faile, Faith 47, Herakut, Herbert Baglione, Jeremy Fish, JR, L’Atlas, Mark Jenkins,
Miss Van, Paul Insect, Remed, Shepard Fairey, Smash 137, Sowat, Turf One, Vhils and many more.